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Time to Unwind

Massage Therapy

Billie Smiley L.M.T.


Massage is not just an indulgence, massage has proven health benefits. For centuries, cultures have known that regular massage assists the body's ability to heal and to maintain its optimal function by enhancing circulation and soothing stress-related tensions.

Service menu

Swedish Massage

Long gliding strokes with a light pressure to sooth muscle tension and help De-stress.The perfect 

choice to just relax.


Deep Tissue

Release deep muscle tension for a more therapeutic effect.

• 30min./$60.

• 60min./$90.

• 90min./$120.

Hot Stone

Warm up as Basalt stones heated to the perfect temperature are massaged over your muscles to melt away stress.

~ 90min./$140.


Traditional massage of Hawaii developed over many generations by the people of the islands. Wave like motions enable the physical and energetic systems of the body to flush out,transform, and revitalize as soft tissues are gently but firmly loosened.

~ 90min./$140.


Treat tired feet to this healing art, restore a true sense of balance to the entire body.

~ 45min./$45.

Body Stamping

Infuses the skin with minerals making it soft and supple. Stimulates the lymphatic system and rhythmically soothes you into a deep state of relaxation.

~ 80min./$140.


Hot stones $15

Add hot stones to your back during any massage.

Aroma Therapy $5

Pure essential oils used for your massage will awaken your senses.

Gift Certificates available  

Billie Smiley L.M.T.


Package Deals

12 / 30 min. services $540.

12 / 60 min. services $810.

   12 / 90 min. services $1,080

6 /30 min. services $270.

   6 / 60 min. services $ 405.

   6 / 90 min. services $ 540.

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